Best Chromebook Laptop Under 400 Dollars:This Acer Chromebook R13 is a bit costly to a Chromebook, beginning at $400 (changes to about  AU$525), however it is properly charged for the features it provides.

It’s really a convertible notebook having a touchscreen display plus a 360-degree hinge which allows it to be utilized being a tablet. Additionally, it offers commendably long-lasting life of the battery, an elegant aluminum lid and lots of plug-ins for connecting peripherals.

Based on your requirements, you may be capable of finding a less expensive option. Nevertheless, to get a 2-in-1 Chromebook having a fantastic life of the battery, this Acer Chromebook is a gemstone in the rough. Of course, if you would like to spend more money, Samsung’s Chromebook Professional features a higher-res hybrid touchscreen display plus an included stylus, and works Google Play Android apps.

Best Chromebook Laptop Under 400 Dollars

Best Chromebook Laptop Under 400 DollarsThe Good This Acer Chromebook R13 features a long-lasting battery power as well as a selection of ports. Its 360-degree hinge enables it to be utilized being a tablet.

The Bad It’s weighty. The Chrome Operating system is restricted in what it could do. Its computer keyboard just isn’t backlit.

Acer Chromebook R 13 Reviews


Convenient style

This Acer Chromebook 13 features a sleek and classy light weight aluminum lid that provides a touch of class. It is not as thin and light-weight as the HP Chromebook thirteen, however certainly not does it seem like a low cost laptop under 400 dollars.

On the left of the laptop computer you will discover lots of plug-ins for your connection requirements, and the headphone jack, power button as well as volume rocker can be found on the right side.

Its keyboard set seems roomy and the touch pad is actually responsive, however the keys are not backlit. I like a choice of backlit keys, particularly because I am a writer who occasionally has to type in darkish conditions, but that’s naturally less of a deal breaker for other people.

About that life of the battery

You can find one massive reason to purchase this Acer Chromebook R13: life of the battery.

This 13-inch Chromebook averaged thirteen hrs in our battery tests, and that is well beyond what we’re utilized to experiencing from Chromebooks. A Chromebook with “excellent” life of the battery is about eight to ten hrs, therefore the Acer’s 13-hour common is fairly excellent — if you want something that endures that long.

Strong screen

This Acer Chromebook R13’s display screen is well-defined with remarkably broad viewing angles; it is possible to obviously see what’s on the display screen regardless of at what angle it’s titled.

The 360-degree hinge enables you to flip over the display screen to aid you to make use of it being a tablet, albeit a really large and hefty one. I did not utilize it being a tablet much since it was too large to easily hold. I did, nevertheless, frequently utilize it folded like a tent when enjoying movie. The joint is sturdy sufficient to keep the tablet in a fixed position without any wobble.

The Truth: This Acer Chromebook R13 is really a equipped Chromebook that will not break your budget, yet, if your requirements are easy there are lots of other, less expensive laptops worth scoping out.

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