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Main usage

Gaming chairs in the modern market are of two major variations. The major gaming chairs are designed for PC gaming setups. These PC gaming chairs are a modified version of the usual high backed office chair. These usually have a metal frame that is mounted on swirls with the help of casters.

The second type of chairs are the specially modified chairs for console gaming stations like the play station or the Xbox. These chairs are much like the confortable lounge chairs with cushions and couches. Both types of chairs are designed keeping in mind the long hours of gaming and high confort and durability.

These chairs are manufactures for hard core gamers. They are made to provide high comfort as a gamer would never sir down for just a few minutes . Gaming is a very time intensive hobby that can lead to discomfort after long hours of seating. These chairs are made keeping in mind these factors. While the PC chairs offer posture and proper control over the mouse and keyboard the console chairs are made to llow high comfort and connectivity with a lot of support for accessories.

Type of Gaming Chairs

  • PC gaming chairs
  • Platform Gaming chairs
  • Hybrids

PC gaming chairs

The PC gaming chairs are made by the roots of a high back office chair. These chairs offer extra couching over the seat along with bucket style seating to provide accurate posture. Unlike the regular office chairs these gaming chairs have adjustable armrests and height along with a specially added lumbar support. In modern chairs headrest pillow is very common.

Platform Gaming chairs

The platform gaming chairs mostly have recliner type base that is set on the floor. Most of them contain special pockets for keeping controllers or any other accessory. Some of the modern models come with built in headphone jack. For better comfort and fun the console chairs can bend and swing because gaming is all about having fun with friends.  But these type of chair cannot be used for PC gaming as you need proper posture to have the accuracy required.


A regular hybrid gaming chair is usually mounted on a swivel base that provides it the similar experience and appearance like the usual PC gaming chair or a regular office chair. The major difference lies in the material and the shape. The padding, the shape and the cousins uses are usually like the ones used in a recliner type chair. Advanced hybrid chairs come with built in speaker systems and a lot of other features.

Origin and Brief History

Gaming chairs were a great success as PC was becoming more and more common in daily use and households. From exclusive business to daily use all was being done through a computer. Secondly, when the gaming platforms like the PlayStation or other consoles came to the market, they were highly popular and the demand in the market kept on increasing. Third, was the home entertainment systems becoming more and more popular .

Some Current Brands

  • OP Seat
  • X Rocker
  • Need for Seat
  • Emeror

8 Tips to Choose the Best Ergonomic Chair For Gaming

As the gaming chair is one of the most important component for your gaming setup you need you chair to be full of all the required features and offer your complete comfort. As you need to spend the whole day on the chair playing your favorite games it is necessary that the chair offers you all that you need to relax. So as a hardcore gamer, you should never compromise your gaming chair as it plays an important role in your gaming setup just like any other component. You can easily get a great chair for very affordable price if you know what you are looking for.

·       Don’t Spend Too Much On A Gaming Chair

While buying a gaming chair make the quality of the chair your first priority. X rocker series gaming chairs offer you great chairs with high quality.

·       Decide What Type Of Gaming Chair You Need

There are different types of gaming chairs like the Rocker gaming chair, PC gaming chair, Racer chair, Bean Bag chairs and Pedestal gaming chairs. While buying a gaming chair look for which of the following types fit your style and comfort.

·       Check The Material

Never compromise the build material in any product, especially your gaming chair. Good build material, padding material and cover are important for your chair to last longer and remain as good as new for a long time.

·       Comfort

A chair is for your own comfort and therefore is is very important for you to decide that which type of chair or which material makes you feel the most comfortable so that you can sit on your chair for hours without any fatigue.

·       Coolness factor

We all need your gaming setup to look cool with all those RBG lights. Therefor it is important that your gaming chair matches the standards of your setup to make it look even more cool when you play with your friends.

·       Space Saving

Not all of us have a separate room or a large area that we can devote to our gaming setup. It is an important factor to keep in mind when you plan to buy a gaming chair. The chair should be of appropriate size to fit in your room or hall.

·       Value

Not only for the gaming chair but this applies to any products you buy from the market. Always make sure that the chair you are buying is worth the money you are paying for it keeping in mind the quality and material used.

·       System Compatibility

The whole idea behind the gaming chair is that it is comfortable, worth the money and looks great with your gaming setup and is comfortable to play on. For all this you also need to consider the type of gaming console you are using. Most of the PC games prefer racing or PC gaming chair to provide comfort and best access to the keyboard mouse combo while the console gamers might prefer bean bag type gaming chairs so that it is comfortable and fun to play with friends.


A gaming chair is a matter of personal preference and depends on the type of your gaming setup. You need to look for exactly what suits best with your gaming setup and consider and keep in mind all that you need from your gaming chair. All these factors are must to consider and will help you in choosing the best gaming chair.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair with speaker review

X Rocker world largest producer of the gaming chairs and they are the market leader , and their chairs are known for very well built quality and durability.  X Rocker Pro 51259 H3 is the latest and the most selling and best quality product. This brand has some difference from others which is making it more successful and these are as follow. This gaming chair is having one of the most fantastic sound supports and the special feature involved in it is the vibration motor that provide the ultimate realistic feeling from this setup.  if a bomb is exploded on your right side , then only the right portion of the chair will vibrate. this allows you to feel the vibration and get the most real look of the movie or game . It adds an extra level of indulgence  that no other gaming chair can boast.

The X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair also connects to most devices via an RCA cable or Bluetooth, so it’s easy to implement your favorite entertainment into your seating.

The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 Gaming Chair is best add on to your gaming setup which will surely help you to be better.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong & durable
  • Multi-purposes chair
  • Easy assembly


  • This X Rocker chair model is needed to connect to a electricity point to take benefit of all the features of this product. Power spot should be near because the length of power cable is very less.
  • This model is very heavy and bulky in its dimensions and that point reduces its mobility. It is not possible for everyone to move the setup whether he is a kid or a professional gamer.


This model comes with various connectivity options that are advance and are very helpful in providing connectivity. This model can serve the use of multipurpose product that is very well performing whether it is gaming or office work.

Built-In Wireless System

Chair has inbuilt  wireless radio transmitter & receiver set that is compatible with any device with RCA input. If have desired you can also choose RCA wires, then you could place them between product.

Separate Controls

This gaming chair has lots of controls separate for every feature like for bass sound, volume adjustments and to handle the amount or frequency vibration. Thus, you could easily customize the functions according to your demands.

You Can Feel The Sound

You can also turn on the vibration motors if you ever need the realistic feeling of sound and motion. The vibration mechanism in this product is all what you will need at time and overall the product will serve as a best product for sound and realistic gaming. This will satisfy all your sensation demands.

Suitable For All the Ages

This chair is designed not only keeping the consideration of the adults but also the children of small age can use it with great ease and is helpful to them also. Despite the habits of   its user this gaming chair can prove to be shooting & comforting. This impressive design it has a base with fantastic spin & tilt capabilities at same spot.


This gaming chair is developed for maintaining the posture of body to be very good so that it helps the user to perform better. Ultimate back support makes sure that you don’t suffer from any issue while playing games or enjoying.


This is a very good quality durable product of the gaming chair Kingdome and is all what you need for your gaming setup.

The features such as Sound, comfort & price are the best offered in it. It’s convenient assembly and user-friendly guide helps very much & comprises of features & specs that can definitely meet expectations.

This is great value for money product under 200$ and have some of the best features in it such as comfort, durability and sound quality. So, if you are searching  for gaming chair below $200, choose this blindly.

Hereby I can state that increased sound options in gaming chairs have resulted in the massive popularity of gaming chairs.  Rocker Pro 51259 H3 model have four powerful speakers and a sub-woofer that is very helpful to make the gaming better.

X Rocker 51396 Pro with Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair with speaker

In this market where there are many variant of this chair but no one is able to compete with it. along 51396 X Rocker Pro Series Wireless Game Chair one can experience the ultimate gaming and music experience that is realistic. If you are using this product and listening to music and playing games then you will get a unforgettable feel out of this.  And the special feature of this gaming chair is that is consists of two speaker powered by ace bayou’s amplification technology and a subwoofer for better experience im the head rest of the chair. These speakers are very good and capable in making the quality time of the user very realistic and comfortable and delivering the next to reality feel. 51396 X Rocker Pro Series pedestal 2.1 wireless audio gaming chair baselifts you and help you to stay in the position comfortably. the arm rest are their not for comfort purpose but also to beautify the look of the chair.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to setup
  • For low budget person
  • Less space for storage
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Highly Compatible


  • Cushion isn’t durable
  • No power charger
  • Leaning back is limited


We were pretty impressed with this chair. this is very good product that can make sure that you feel very comfortable while sitting on the chair and have a quality experience , and a durable product. The material used for the construction this chair is very good and can give you a company for a long period of time and that is a guarantee.

There are some issues with the tilt capability of the chair. But these are the major issues that cause problem. Arm rest is loaded with padding and also the backrest is made with same padding. and there are very good in feel and look.

It is having unchangeable recling action, but the rest of the features of the chair are making it the product worth buying..

 Highly Interactive Audio

It provides very high interactive surrounding with ultimately good sound quality and experience with the help of two speakers and the sub-woofer in the back of the head rest. AFM speakers presented by of Ace Bayou. This awesome product has 2 speakers & ported subwoofers in vacant spots of area in the body of the chair to enhance the sound quality and make the experience more real and amazing.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic in design the special feature of the product. It have a customizable base height and tilt option for the maintenance of the best posture of the user . It has fully supported and a padded durable backrest, headrest and gunstock arms that help in sitting for long period of time .

Built-in Radio Wireless Receiver

Chair has a wireless radio transmitter & receiver that is compatible with any device with RCA input. If have desired you can also choose RCA wires, then you could place them between product. The wires can be easily managed due to the perfect design of the product.

Easy to Access Controls

A superb gaming chair having one of the best feature of having availability of number of controls which help in performing the separate function. This X Rocker is user friendly and very easy to use, accessible & well-organized controls, they can be controlled by any person and a user is not needed to be expert in order to us these feature .

Great For Adults and Teens

User should not worry for his or her height. Regardless of you dimension you can easily fit in the chair in a comfortable position. This gaming chair is not proposed to age group. More over to that this chair is so designed that it can be used by any of the person of any age group.


The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming chair is the best option available in the market. Despite of stress or any backaches or strains, the time you spend on chair will be the best. And without spending a pile of amount you can easily enjoy on this gaming chair. Overall a great product to spend your hard earned money upon.

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